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Being deemed responsible for a hung jury, teacher Patience Andrews finds herself at odds with D.A. Gil Montgomery. Determined Section 1. 7. Section 2. 22 Testing His Patience (Mills & Boon Love Inspired) (Sisters of the Heart, Book 2).
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I called the clinic to ask what was happening; I spoke with nurses. They told me that the doctor wrote the drug he was going to be tapered.

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This was never told to me. I could not sleep, was very irritable, could do nothing in or out of the house, plus more. I then made an appointment with an Internist at a different clinic. She put me back on all of my correct doses again and is tapering me upwards on the bad withdrawal drug.

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In the meantime, I wrote an email to Patient Relations about this. They said they would look into it and there would be a meeting with the Medical Officer. I received a letter in the mail which stated my doctor was not at fault, because he referred me to a Psychiatrist which he never did , plus that had nothing to do with the abrupt ending of my drug and dose-cutting of the others.

The had no remorse for the horrible withdrawal symptoms, which I would never wish upon anyone. I said that this doctor was not compassionate and neglectful. I had even called the clinic about my husband to let them know it would be a little longer to find a Psychiatrist.

I was always looking for Psychiatrists. I am having my new Internist refer me to who I chose; I can get an appt. I emailed back to Patient Relations, after receiving their decision. I told them that the doctor lied. I do not believe there was a meeting or that the Medical Officer was involved. There was no cc: on the letter. Even though this will be stressful for me, I cannot let this be brushed under the rug. I am going to have to go further on this one, due to everything that happened. Does anyone know a reliable organization I can contact about this mess? I feel the doctor needs disciplinary action and other patients need to know.

I am not sure the best way to handle this situation in an efficient, thorough investigation, with the most well-known medical organization that strong and the most helpful. Thanks and sorry I had to type so much information. The pattern intensifies the closer you get to Halloween , and replies flourish in multiple measures in just the last few months.

I see replies, some on-point and some not so on-point. I will avoid dividing people and setting myself up for negative response, but any reply plays into the observation I hope is widely agreeable. It has been a landslide ever since. A decade later, I finally needed a doctor for more than antibiotics and other basic prescriptions…. Nearly 15 months ago at the age of 52, I injured by back which forced me to go into the ER.

This is where living Hell on Earth, in these United States began for me. Two herniated discs, compressed nerve roots, 2 types of spondylitis, Bertolottis syndrome, radiculopathy from L5 to toes, and more. No less than 10 different doctors, specialists or other.

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Yesterday I saw a rheumatologist for the first time for assistance with RA cropped up since the injury. After 20 minutes, I walked out beside myself with anger.

This after he acknowledged visible nodes and deformation of the hands and other joints. And while holding a half-inch thick stack of test results sating the above. One of the replies above touches on my point still to be made. When was the last time anyone did anything for you in good form, to expectation and equal to money you paid?

Someone above began a short list of professionals but I extend that and couch it in 2 categories with a subcategory for outcome: Government, Corporate America and society. All in decline. All in cover-your-ass mode. All receiving the better end in the exchange. All worried about liability in many directional forms, all assessed on a potential loss per their insurance policies or other entity.

How many more rights stripped away? How many more laws created simply to cheat the public? How many more tax dollars for stupid impeachments? How many more sea turtles will steal attention away from real, serious matters left to grow worse?

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What is next that will affect our families adversely? How many more cover-ups for those that abuse power and extort us with money? The entire system is the root cause of almost all of the issues we face, daily. And you know what? I assume most of us at some point and maybe not long ago where told by someone that all of this was coming. My real doctor as I mentioned above Mr. Enjoy retirement Mr.

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I also worked in the morgue. My opinion of American medical services totally changed after working in various hospitals. In the U. The supervisor kept telling this arrogant little student doctor that he had to take the patient off magnesium IVs. The doctor arrogantly kept doing it. Two days later, the patient died. And the doctor never got in trouble. This is only one example. Another situation I observed was a patient who was undergoing a heart transplant. It was one of the most awful things I knew about. They put him back under anesthesia. He woke up and found himself still on the pump, his chest cut wide open and they called his family in.

He was horrified, tried to climb off the table and they kept pushing him back. Needless to say, he died.

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It was a very traumatic experience. This was several decades ago, but the risk is always there.

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Too many people idolize doctors. They have no clue how little training they get. Not to mention that they hardly know anything about drugs. It is the drug salesman who sells them on drugs to use. Combining drugs without consulting a pharmacist is a recipe for death by doctor. Not only do doctors look down on those who know MORE than them in fields that are absolutely imperative to patient care, they are not even trained in these areas. Our Chemistry lab was filled with professionals.